High efficiency AC condensors

Steam Boiler to Individual HVAC Conversion
49 Unit Multi-family

The client purchased a 49-unit building in need of major rehabilitation. Energy Matters stepped in during the purchase process to plan and permit the construction project. During the planning stage we compared the current boiler system replacement versus individual in-unit HVAC. The higher rents and reduced expenses made the conversion worthwhile. We obtained permits and began construction immediately after closing.

Energy Matters installed 49 High Efficiency in-unit furnaces with High Efficiency AC condensers over a 9-month construction window. The construction timeline was chosen to minimize vacancy and target the summer rental market. This building included 49 separate gas meters so the tenant now pays all heating costs. On previous jobs we’ve coordinated the installation of separate gas meters with Nicor to achieve this.

These units were eligible for significant rebates from Nicor and ComEd. Along with rebates for the HVAC we also secured substantial rebates for blown-in roof insulation, refrigerator replacements and water pipe insulation. These projects were coordinated and completed along with the over-all major rehab.

While operating this project we also converted a 13 unit building from boiler to individual forced air during the normal vacancy adding one month to their typical unit turnaround timeline.

Steam traps

Out With The Old Steam Traps And In With The New
1,300 Unit Residential Campus

The client owns and manages a 1,300+ unit residential campus on the southside of Chicago. We partnered with Peoples Gas to test and repair all the steam traps. Over 4,500 steam traps were tested and 1,800 traps repaired over a 1-year timeline. Rebates of $610,000 or nearly %100 of the overall cost were secured by Energy Matters. The owner continues to benefit from a more efficient heating system saving nearly 300,000 therms per year after repairs.  

This year in partnership with Elevate Energy we retested all the units, providing replacements again at little cost to the owner. The rebates are renewed every 3 years to keep properties at peak performance.

Energy Efficient Upgrades

Portfoilio Wide Energy Efficiency Upgrades
65 multi-family buildings

We’ve established a partnership with a property ownership group in Chicago's near west suburbs that has been operating for over 30 years. Over the years we’ve analyzed and improved their 65 properties and 1,530+ units, obtaining rebates for boilers, HVAC, boiler controls, pipe and roof insulation, water fixtures and appliances.

We’ve successfully driven down their overall expenses, while increasing the quality of the product they provide. Whether its real time remote boiler management or upgraded in-unit finishes. The highest compliment we’ve received to date is from their loan broker who now “runs special expense rates” on their properties increasing their NOI and the portfolio’s valuation.

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