At Energy Matters, we’re passionate about energy efficiency. Founder Mike Nickels studied energy auditing and other energy efficiency improvements under the Civil Engineering Program at Purdue University. During that time, he also worked as a general contractor with a multifamily property management company. This afforded him plenty of opportunity to apply his education to resolving real life problems and scenarios.

After college, his passion and experience inspired him to assemble a team of experts to create what would become Energy Matters. Since that time, the team has won two sizable awards from the Nicor Rebate Program - one for being the biggest multi-family therm saver and the other for utilizing the rebate program with the highest frequency in the most innovative way - while continuing to gain vast experience while pioneering this field.

The expert team at Energy Matters is experienced and well-versed in the various energy efficiency upgrades available specifically for your building(s). Want to know how you can save on your utility bills? Give us just a little info and we’ll get right back to you.


    • 2014 Nicor Gas Innovation in Energy Efficiency Award
    • 2014 Nicor Gas Biggest Therm Saver for Multi-Family
    • 2018 American Standard Sales Award
    • Secured rebates for clients including:
      • Thousands of steam trap testings and replacements
      • Hundreds of HVAC and boiler replacements
      • Tens of thousands linear feet of pipe insulation
      • Hundreds of appliance and fixture replacements

Certificates and Licenses

    • Licensed Professional Engineer
    • Licensed Electricians
    • Certified Energy Manager (CEM)
    • BPI Certified Technicians
      • Building, Building Envelope, and Multi-Family Building Analyst Certified
    • HVAC Smart Certified Technicians
    • OSHA trained employees
    • EPA 608 certified
    • Level 1 Infrared Thermographer

In early 2017 Matt Nickels, Mike’s brother, joined the team. He brought a background in design, permitting and construction management to the team. Putting his Professional Engineering background to immediate use the company soon completed the permitting and renovations at multiple buildings including 13, 19 and 49 unit buildings. These buildings were completely rehabbed including switching from a central boiler system to individual forced air and ACs which allowed the owner to charge premium rents and seek maximum valuation.


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