Pipe Insulation

  • Rebate Eligible
  • DHW Pipes
  • Heating Pipes

Insulating boiler and hot water heater piping is an easy and inexpensive way to save money on utility bills. Insulated pipes retain heat longer, making boilers work less when reheating water.

Steam Trap

  • Auditing
  • Non-destructive Testing
  • Replacement
  • Repairs

On the maintenance side, steam trap repair and replacement is essential for eliminating costly system inefficiencies. Typical lifespan of steam traps is 7 years. We perform Non-destructive steam trap testing, combining visual, temperature, and sonic methods. The payback period for steam trap maintenance is typically measured in months, not years.


  • Furnace & AC Installation
  • High Efficiency Specialists
  • Design & Permits
  • Meter Installation
  • Conversion Analysis

We help determine payback periods and costs of replacing central boiler system with individual forced air.


Energy Matters works with multi-family residential and commercial property owners like you to lower utility bills through various energy efficiency upgrades specific to each property. We are a full-service team that takes you from start to finish.

After an initial meeting, an Energy Matters team member will perform a complete walk through of your property to create a comprehensive report that includes energy efficiency upgrade opportunities including costs, rebates, yearly savings, and simple payback. Then, based on which items you choose, we’ll tailor the perfect plan to start saving you money.

And since Energy Matters works directly with the utility company to provide instant discounts, we’ll save you time by handling procedural items like:

Typical contractors provide fewer services:

Other services offered:

  • Building Heating Automation
    • Delta control systems
    • Central computer and sensors attached to boilers providing real time information, warnings and remote control.
  • Roof Insulation
    • Blow-in insulation and air-sealing
    • Performed by BPA certified professionals.
  • Building Analysis and Reporting

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